New areas of investment

From 2007 to 2011, major financial institutions in Wall Street of United States were in a special period of credit crisis. All financial institutions faced major challenges and many enterprises experienced bankruptcy, which was difficult to effectively solve the problem of malpractice in traditional finance. As debt issues cannot be avoided, many banks and even countries were looking for a fundamental solution. Until 2014, the technical talents in Silicon Valley used token to solve the payment of some enterprises and exchange value with trust. The token relies on blockchain technology to solve the trust issue. However, some of its own problems have always caused token to remain controversial.

In March 2018, the founder, Tyler Adams recognized Hutchinson Andrew, an expert in digital economy research, at a digital economy conference. Blockchain is not only a new Internet protocol, but also a new protocol for the economic system. Hutchinson Andrew validates his bold views through the economic logic of blockchain technology, several areas of blockchain technology application, and several models of blockchain projects, "The logic of using blockchain to transform the world is right."

Tokens are the flowers and fruits of blockchain technology. The most important thing of tokens is to be able to confirm the rights of assets and transactions in an economy. Blockchain is a bottom technology, while the token is an economic form. Blockchain and token can be completely separated.

During the conference, Tyler Adams was shocked. He had a new understanding of the digital economy. Tyler Adams had a very high interest on digital tokens and securities tokens. The token is supported by the blockchain technology, which has the characteristics of fixed issuance quota, divisible and transferable, and can be used to digitize and securitize various commercial and financial products. The development of the digital economy can solve the problem of information asymmetry in the Internet era, thereby playing an important role in many aspects such as asset management, corporate financing, and financial risk reduction.

In April 2018, Tyler Adams began to gather professionals and build up teams to perform specific market research.

With the support of UICI Group, James has developed a “blockchain+” layout, which has realized the development of multiple business sectors, covering the main business of the blockchain supply chain, as well as sub-businesses such as blockchain games and blockchain finance. Since then, the UICI Group has completed the investment layout of the economy's eight major sectors, covering finance, healthcare, winery, real estate, sports, renewable energy, gaming, and digital economy.