Kyle Tedford

The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of USA International Covenant INC has a Master of Finance from the Princeton University. The CRO has extensive knowledge in the fields of risk control, big data, AI, etc. With 20 years of experience in the financial securities industry, the CRO has rich experience in investment, fund management, and risk control in banking. He served as the director of risk control in the department of investment banking from a well-known asset management and securities company in the United States. He has leaded the team to establish the modern investor suitability management system, including the identification system for product risk, customer risk tolerance, information disclosure, investor education model, etc. He has successfully implemented the innovation of integrating the traditional financial risk control technology with new technologies, to achieve the precise matching of assets and funds. After he joined the USA International Covenant INC, he combined the company's strategic promotion with the new business development. The CRO is responsible for establishing a new management control mechanism, including the business innovation and the risk management plan.