NGK.IO is a general-purpose blockchain programming platform based on the main programming language of C++, using the WebAssembly JIT virtual machine and supporting STL development library technology, as well as a decentralized distributed blockchain operation system which use IPFS top-level distributed storage system. NGK.IO has a built-in Turing complete programming language that allows the users to construct and define their own various features, develop their own applications and blockchain systems, and issue their own currencies. NGK.IO also has a side chain that can be customized with one click. NGK.IO provides proprietary cross-chain and cross-contract technology to link the main chain and side chain together. Whether it is a contract asset on NGK.IO or a non-NGK.IO asset, the value transfer and exchange can be completed freely through the cross-chain and cross-smart contract technology that NGK.IO has.

The bottom layer of NGK.IO is developed based on a blockchain technology called graphene, which is adopted by NGK.IO

DPOSS consensus mechanism, where 21 block producers produce blocks, and NGK.IO does not need to consume GAS at every step like Ethereum when running the smart contracts, making it possible for users to use Dapps for free, which is more in line with the idea of using Internet products for free, relying on value-added services, advertising and other business profitable business models. Thus, we believe that the Dapps developed based on NGK.IO are the real Dapps.

The design goal of NGK.IO is to exceed 1 million TPS. It is also proposed that the NGK.IO block confirmation time will be within 3 seconds. NGK.IO will have very excellent performance and hopefully help the current situation where blockchain technology cannot be implemented. Based on these, we can foresee that in the future, there will be many blockchain startup projects choose to issue tokens based on NGK.IO, develop many Dapps that can be implemented in order to attract hundreds of millions of users to use. NGK.IO is expected to form a rich and complete business ecology. At the same time, the demand for many transaction tokens is derived. NGK.IO is based on the NGK.IO.IO main chain and NGK.IO smart contract as the underlying operating environment. It fully utilize the blockchain and NGK.IO ecosystem to establish a safe, verifiable, fair, decentralized, and trustless blockchain system that integrates the business and finance without borders, provides the innovative enterprises with industrial funds, Internet funds, blockchain funds, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other financial services and industry cultivation services, creating a world-class ecological business closed loop.